Can Rohit Be The First One to Score a T20I Double Ton?

Now that the storm from Rohit’s innings is finally calm, there is one thing that needs to be admitted.


Yes, you read that right. Not Chris Gayle. Not David Warner. Not David Miller.

This one inning against the Lankans clearly showcased that fact and every cricket fan believed this record could be reached.

Now before you start throwing out facts at me about your favorite cricketer just read this out.

Rohit has always been hailed as the one with great talent and for a long time, it was believed that he was the only one who could beak Sachin Tendulkar’s and other great players’ records. With his better than most timing, it looks like he has a second more than other players to play a delivery.

Being an opener, Rohit has the freedom to play until the very last ball. Now let’s take this innings into consideration. Rohit hit his first 50 in 23 balls and the second one in only 12 balls. So once this guy is set, it’s difficult to stop his rampage, unless he makes a mistake on his own. We have seen this, in all of his double ton innings and in the second T20 against Sri Lanka.

Once he gets his eye in, it starts raining sixes. Over cover. Over mid-wicket. In the V. Everywhere. And with a player that has got such a variety of shots, and a second more than other players on his timing, do you really think it’s that difficult for this man to get a 200?

With three double tons in ODI’s he certainly knows how to maintain his composure amongst all the milestones and hitting.

Not just that, he knows when to go for a six and when to settle for a single. It isn’t that he tries to hoist every ball over the boundary. We rarely see this man play a rash shot. All of his strokes are text-book and conventional.

And with the form he has been in the past few years especially after starting to open the innings, it won’t be a big surprise if this guy scores a 200 in T20I’s soon.



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