Hurri-Kane Blowing Records Away

Kane has been phenomenal this year, From breaking records to being the top goalscorer of 2017. Once called as a ‘one season wonder’ and now being hunted by the topmost clubs in the world. Kane has gone on to prove that he is one of the most feared strikers in recent times. Harry Kane is now set up to be the highest goalscorer for Spurs in The Premier League as he has already scored 96 goals just 1 behind Spurs all-time top goal scorer Teddy Sheringham.
Harry Kane

Records And Stats

  • Harry Kane is the top goalscorer this year with 56 goals to his name.
  • Harry Kane has scored 39 goals in Premier League this year breaking Alan Shearer’s record of 36 goals in a single calendar year.
  • Harry Kane is the first player to score 2 consecutive hattricks in the Premier League.
  • He is the first player in Premier League to score 6 hattricks in a single year.


Records are meant to be broken and Harry Kane is surely taking that seriously. Another record that is waiting to get shattered by Kane’s boots are most no. of goals in a single season in The Premier League which is currently being held by both Alan Shearer and Cristiano Ronaldo with 31 goals. Such highly talented players are often swooped in by the big clubs and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Real Madrid are able to take away Harry Kane as they did with Gareth Bale.


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