Wants to see Me as World Number 1 Next Season : P.V. Sindhu

Rio Olympics and World Championship Silver Medalist P.V Sindhu is eagerly waiting to see herself as World Number 1 next season. She says that constantly performing better in tournaments will earn her the Number 1 spot.

Sindhu had also achieved her career-best Number 2 spot in the world ranking and continued it for two months earlier this season.

The 22-year old Sindhu had won SYED MODI GPG, KOREA OPEN, INDIA OPEN, besides finishing Second in HONG KONG, DUBAI SUPERSERIES AND WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP this season.

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Sindhu feels that duration of matches has increased after her epic World Championship Finals against Japanese player Nozomi Okuhara.

“There are more long matches going on in women’s singles. World Championship was the longest match from my side and after that, I could see that the matches in women’s singles prolonging like one and one-and-half hours even though the scores are here and there. I think each game is going up to 40 minutes,” Sindhu said.

Asked if she ever feels pressure when the crowd cheers for her, Sindhu said: “It actually feels very good to play in India, it motivates me when the crowd cheers for me. Recently, I played at Dubai and I was very happy with the huge support I got there.

“Expectations will always be there but we have to play our game and give our best. I don’t feel any pressure,” she added.

2017 can be called as a Golden Year for Indian Badminton.In mostly every Tournament there was at least one Indian player in semis.


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