Top 5 Winter Signings Of All Time

 The winter transfer window opens on 1 January with most of the 20 clubs desperate to make signings that can shape their season. Every club will have the chance to buy, sell and loan players once again. Traditionally a difficult time to make big moves the best in the business still always find a way to make themselves better. Transfer Deadline Day remains one of the most frantic and fascinating dates in the calendar.

Many great January transfers had been done in past and we look at top 5 of them.

5. Patrice Evra

Transfer: Monaco to Manchester United, 2006

Cost: £5.5 Million 

Money buys players and it turned out to be one of the best deals that Sir Alex Ferguson orchestrated. Arriving in the same transfer window as Nemanja Vidic, Evra went on to cement his place as one of the best left backs the world has ever seen. A turbulent start to his Premier League life saw him having a nightmare of a performance in a Manchester derby. But Evra went on to be a mainstay of the side, winning five Premier League titles and one Champions League, before leaving for Juventus in the summer of 2014.

Speed, ability to read the game faster than the opponents, quick reflexes were key assets of his game that made him a threat bombing forward supporting an attack or while defending counterattacks or from open play.


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