Things you can buy for 160M, Coutinho’s transfer fee

Phillipe Coutinho recently got transferred to his dream club, FC Barcelona after what was, at least to say, an exhaustingly long saga. But after many negotiations, Spanis =h giants were finally able to secure the Brazilian to play at Camp Nou and made him the second most expensive transfer EVER. With 160Million Euros in transfer and other bonuses, Coutinho is only second to Neymar Jr. who went to PSG from Barca for 222 Million Euros. But let’s take a look at what all could the Barcelona board would have bought from those 160 Millions if not Coutinho.

65 Buggati Chiron |€ 2.4 Million


Now that’s something. Buggati Chiron for all the board members and senior team players and the coaching staff. Certainly wouldn’t have needed Coutinho if the team was given such motivation.

7441860 Bottles of Old Monk | € 21.5



A lifetime supply of Indian Old Monk Rum. A litre-bottle for this undeniably great rum costs 21.5 Euros. Certainly, celebrations could be lit seeing how Barcelona is fairing in the league so far.

4 Paulinhos | € 40 Million


Paulinho has been the dark horse of the Barcelona team this season. Being dubbed the worst signing in the summers, he turned out to be a far better player than expected. With his pressure runs and goal-scoring luck, Barcelona would have been better off buying four others like him.

4 Graff Diamonds The Fascination | € 40 Million

download (4).jpg

As well as holding the position for the most expensive watch ever, Graff Diamonds is also behind the second most pricey timepiece. Dubbed The Fascination, this 40 million watch consists of 152.96 carats of white diamonds and includes a centre, 38.13-carat, pear-shaped diamond that can detach into a ring.

4 Million FIFA 18 CDs | € 39 (Approximate)


Talking about world peace, making everyone play FIFA would be a better option to get their minds of war. Donald Trump and Kim-Jong-un need to take a cue here.

400,000 Sony PlayStations | € 349.99

020384b2.jpgYou need PlayStations to play FIFA and in 160 Million Euros, you could buy 400,000 of those machines. WORLD PEACE ACHIEVED.


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