These Two Real Madrid Superstar Players Should Learn From Messi Said Xavi

Barcelona’s formal captain, Xavi Hernandez, gave an in-depth interview to El País in which he spoke about football, and its variations, Lionel Messi, Pep Guardiola and everything in between.There was also time to chat about Real Madrid’s Isco and Marco Asensio.

“Madrid do not play so beautifully. At the Bernabeu, if a defender hoofs the ball into the stand it is fine. That is the culture. The fans applaud.”

“At the Camp Nou you knock the ball into the stand and the grumbles are so loud it is negative. Since [Johan] Cruyff’s time.”

“These youngsters (Isco and Asensio) need to know what [Euro 2008-winning Spain coach] Luis Aragones told me.”

“Aragones said; ‘Do you want to play pretty football or good football?’ I don’t want to name names, but in La Liga many players have impressed and then disappeared without trace.”

“They (Isco and Asensio) do tricks, but for what? Look at Messi, he does not do tricks, never. Messi goes for the kill. Messi is good at football, and so good at the same time that it becomes pretty.”

Barcelona are currently table toppers and are nine points ahead of Atletico Madrid (2nd place).


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