5 Biggest Scandals in the world of Football

Football has always been a game with lots of controversies- whether it is a penalty not given, or bookings or it could be matters involving social lives of the players. Many players had lost their careers and fame to these controversies and scandals. Here we look back to the biggest scandals which shook the footballing world.

  1. Maradona drug addiction and The Hand of God

    Diego Maradona is widely recognized as one of the greatest ever players to have played the game, but it was his addiction to cocaine which did taint his career to some extent.
    Maradona did suffer from health problems at a young age and did undergo rehabilitation in a bid to get rid of his addiction. Apart from this, the controversial Hand of God incident brought him into a lot of limelight.

    Maradona was a fierce competitor. He wasn’t one to let go off any opportunity to gain advantage even if it was through illegal means. And England bore the brunt of his conniving ways, when he blatantly scored with his hand in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final to give his team the lead against the Englishmen.

    Watch here: The infamous Hand of God incident

    He ultimately scored the greatest goal of the century later in the game but the supporters of the Three Lions will always remember the little genius for his opening goal. To rub it in further, Maradona declared that his goal was payback for the war in the Falkland Islands.

  2. Ribery, Benzema and the Underage Prostitute

    Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema and Sidney Govou were involved in an alleged sex scandal involving prostitute Zahia Dehar, who is still a teenager. She has been accused of sleeping with all three footballers at the time when she was lesser than 18 years of age though Ribery and the others claim that they had no knowledge of her age when they were involved in the incident.

    She said that they were all nice to her and that she was surprised that they could face criminal charges in the future.

  3. Ronaldo’s encounter with the Transvestites

    Ronaldo had to face huge embarrassment when he took three ladies to his home only to discover to his surprise that they were actually transvestites.

    He admitted that it would taint his character and claimed that things had turned ugly when he discovered that they were transvestites, and they had asked for a sizeable sum of money in order to keep it silent.

    However, his companions insisted that he had known that they were transvestites and had even joined them in snorting cocaine.

  4. FIFA’s bribery scandal

    This is arguably the biggest scandal to hit the FIFA organization with their members being accused of corruption and even the bids for 2018 and 2022 have been viewed with suspicion by many people.

    FIFA banned Asian chief Mohammed Bin Hamam and Jack Warner when it was revealed that they had tried to bribe Caribbean members who could vote for Bin Hamam in an attempt to unseat Sepp Blatter.

    The Telegraph also obtained a video containing Warner’s speech, and this has prompted further investigation into the incident.

    This was a big let down by such a prestigious body and let’s hope never to see this thing again!

  5. The Marseille league fixing affair

    Marseille was involved in a huge fixing controversy in 1993 in which some players from other clubs were apparently approached.

    Arsene Wenger, the manager of Monaco, when they finished runners-up to Marseille in 1991 and 1992 had criticized the ways of Marseille and their president Bernard Tapie.
    Stoke City v Arsenal - Premier League

    Tapie was later found guilty of fixing matches and the club was stripped of its title and relegated.

    “We fought against people who didn’t use regular methods,” Wenger has said. “I am sure we would have won more titles in normal circumstances.”



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