Pope’s 8-35 takes Australia to the semis

Queenstown on Tuesday saw a great turn around as Australia came back from a losing position to defend a mere total of 128 in the Under-19 50 Over Cricket World Cup.

The Aussies were written off at the halfway when they were bowled out for 127 in just 33.3 overs. But they not only gave a tough fight to the opponents but also won the game by 31 runs to reach the semi-finals of the tournament.

Lloyd Pope, with his magical leg-spinners turned the clock, as memories of Shane Warne came back, taking 8 wickets in his match winning spell for the Aussies.

The Adelaide teenager, cut through the England batting order, who from being 47-0 were eventually bowled out for 96 runs. His 8-35 from 57 balls are the best figures in the tournament’s history.

I like putting myself in pressure scenarios. I feel like I bowl better under pressure,” Pope said.

“It gives me confidence my captain is looking for me to advance the game, put me in early and have the faith in me to land a ball straight away and take some wickets. I love those scenarios. It’s cricket, it’s fun.”

It is still a long way to go for the teenager, but the path seems clear for him.


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