HAAS 2018 F1 Car Reveal : What to expect from it?

Haas has become the first team to reveal images of its 2018 Formula 1 car, with renderings of the VF-18 released on Wednesday. The American owned team aims at a higher finish with Austin GP popularising the sport in America acting as a positive pressurizer to catapult the team to higher points finish this season.

With Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen forming the lineup of the team, the American team hasn’t made vastly revolutionary changes to its car this season.

Gunther Steiner, team principal, acknowledged that there was little radically new on the car, beyond the changes forced by the shark fin and halo regulation changes. With the latter taking up most parts of the R&D investments as the team looked to balance out the negative effects that the Halo posed to the aerodynamics of the car.

Where do you think Haas will finish this season? We predict a bottom of table scrap between Haas, Torro Rosso, Williams and Sauber. With Haas finishing 6th.


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