Superstar set to return to Italy

It is not unusual that some players despite being more talented and possessing unimaginable technical skills, do not reach the heights that were once forecasted for them.

Mario Balotelli is one such player. Often seen as a moody, unprofessional and troublesome personality in the dressing room, one cannot simply ignore his abilities as he single-handedly lead Italy to a Euro final in 2012. He also showed glimpses of his true self during his stint in England with Man City but unfortunately that time would be remembered for his iconic car crash (yeah the one in which he told the police that he was driving a fast car coz he is rich) and a brawl with manager Roberto Mancini on the training ground.

But Super Mario has all but redeemed himself this season and shown his true self for Nice as he has netted 28 times this season. This performance has not gone unnoticed in his homeland as a host of clubs are looking to sign him as his contract expires in June next year.

Reports in Italy suggest that Roma are the favorites for his signature and are set to beat the Milan clubs which would make Roma his third top club in Italy after the two Milan giants as Roma boss Eusebio Di Francesco confirmed his desire to coach Balotelli earlier this week.

Will it be a happy return home for Mario, only time will tell.