Barcelona v Atletico: The Goalkeepers Reveal The Toughest Opponents

Atletico and Barcelona have been in sublime form this season. Much is being discussed about the attacking firepower that both teams possess, but it’s time to talk with the walls between the sticks. Both Barcelona and Atletico have remained miser in conceding goals this season. While Barcelona has secured 15 clean sheets this season, the Los Rojiblancos have come out on top grabbing 17 clean sheets this season.

The figures who have denied so many forwards, have revealed the names who will cause them the most problems.

According to Ter Stegen, Fernando Torres is a force to reckon with.



“I think today, it’s someone who scored on me almost from the first minute, Fernando Torres I think.”, he claimed to recall his fears from the Copa Del Rey quarter-final in 2016.

Lionel Messi is the toughest challenge according to the Atletico goalkeeper.


“I think Barca has a lot of forwards who are very, very good.”, said Oblak.

“But, for sure, the one who has given me the biggest problems has been Leo Messi”.

Atletico is one of the favorite teams for the little magician as Leo Messi has already scored 15 goals against Los Rojiblancos.