Spanish Star Replies to Ronaldo’s Critics

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo has attracted a lot of criticism after his so-called bad La Liga season. Ronaldo remains the top marksman in Europe in 2018 with 37 goals in 35 appearances. Some people even doubt that Ronaldo’s age is hampering his performances.

Ronaldo’s Real Madrid teammate Nacho Fernandez has a befitting reply for all the critics. He believes everything that Ronaldo touches turns into a goal.


“We finished the match with Spain National Team and saw that he [Ronaldo] scored twice in 5 minutes with Portugal. That is great for us. I hope he maintains this level until the end of the season.”, said the Spanish defender.

Adding to it he said, “I do not understand how people can doubt Ronaldo. He is one who always makes the difference, he has goal stats in his career that are not normal for a player.

“I do not understand can there be people doubting him. The commitment he has to his club is 100% and me, as his teammate, think it is nowhere better for him than Real Madrid.”, said Nacho.

The Real Madrid defender also commented on his arch-rival Barcelona.

“It’s true they are very good in La Liga, in the Copa Final and in the Champions League quarter-final round, like us. But we don’t think about them honestly.”

Commenting on the UCL fixture he said,”We want to play well against a complicated opponent like Juventus and move forward one step at a time. Who knows what will happen, but if we win another Champions League it would be spectacular.”

Author’s Take

Cristiano slacked a bit mid-season but his current run of form is nothing to be criticized. He is leading the goalscoring charts in Europe and replying his critics. Well, Nacho’s comments are appreciated and on point. Instead of thinking about Barcelona they must think about Juventus and take one step at a time. Getting a top spot in La Liga can be seen nowhere and they must concentrate on what is there in hand. As far as Ronaldo is concerned, he’ll keep replying his critics in his very known style, i.e, by scoring goals.



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