Another Premier League Manager Sacking In Line

It seems that Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri is quite satisfied with his achievements in Italy. He wants to expand his horizons with a move away from his home country.

“Certainly I’ll go abroad. In Italy, finished”, he told The Telegraph.

He doesn’t believe in tactics and stats.

“I would never be a coach who mainly focusses on tactics or analytics because I am more instinctive,” he said.

Expressing his views on coaching he said, “The coach, in my opinion, bases his decisions on sensations, on perceptions,”

“Otherwise, it would be enough to sit in front of the computer and football would be like PlayStation. And that is not what I am,”

“In football, there are a lot of people who try to reach perfection with figures, with tactics, but it’s impossible because there are too many variables.”

The Old Lady came from behind a 2-0 lead and defeated Tottenham in a space of three minutes due to their coach’s brilliance.

“Tottenham are a really great side,”

“But I knew during the match there was a period of 15-20 minutes where they will concede goals. That’s why I told my players to stay very focused, very targeted because we had to exploit that. And that’s what they did,” he added.

“I had a clear idea in my mind what we had to do considering we had no strikers, just fullbacks.”

Where to Next


Allegri is linked to several Premier League clubs with Arsenal and Chelsea on top of the list considering their poor form. Chelsea is desperate to replace Antonio Conte with Allegri due to former’s poor season. Arsenal also sees him as a potential replacement for Wenger.

Author’s Take


Allegri is on the track of winning fourth successive SerieA title. He must move out to prove his worth and what’s better than Premier League. He will be a perfect replacement for Conte as the things will repeat as they did in Turin. Replacing Wenger with Allegri is also not a bad choice and the decision might see things get sorted for Arsenal back again. All in all, stay tuned for the drama aligned.

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