All About IPL Fantasy League 2018: Rules, Super-Powers and Much More.

Much awaited IPL Fantasy League is back again! Ever wanted to create your own virtual team and get daily points based on the real performance of selected players. Then it is the right place for you. What if you get cool prizes and merchandise if you finish on with the top? Leaving all this aside, the excitement it brings to all the craziest cricket fans is colossal. Compare your points with your friends, Create and Join a league and much more!


First of all, create your account at Write your team name and motto and select your squad.


Some FAQs!

  1. How many teams I can create?

Only one team can be created from one account. But there is no restriction on the no. of accounts you can create.

  1. What is Power Player?

You can select one Power Player for each match and points for that player gets doubled and can make a significant difference in your points! (more about power player in Superpowers section)

  1. What happens if a match is canceled?
  • In case of No Result, all will get Zero points.
  • In case of D/L, all will score points until the time match was played.
  1. What is the deadline for making changes in a team?

Changes can be made just before the scheduled start of the match. No changes for that particular match can be made after the first ball bowled.

  1. Are there any points for Super Over?

No points will be awarded for Super Over.

  1. How to create and join a league?
  • Write your league name and motto in ‘Create league’ section to create your league. Share a password/code you received to your friends to join your league.
  • To join, take a code from the one who created a league. Enter the code in ‘Join League’. Submit and wait for approval.
  1. How many leagues can one join?

There is no limitation on the number of leagues you can join.


Some Superpowers

Stealth Mode

You can hide your squad from other player using this feature. You can use it only upto 5 times anytime after Match 2.


Select this feature and 2x your points earned during the entire match. You can use this feature only upto 3 times between Match 20 and Match 56.


You can now pick 2 Power-Player. One for the whole match and other only for the second innings. 2nd inning Power-Player can be changed before the start of 2nd innings whereas Match Power-Player should be locked before the start of play. Remember Power-Player points gets doubled, so chose wisely!


Squad Selection

  1. Squad Balance– Squad must contain
  • 4-5 Batsman
  • 1-4 All-rounders
  • Min 1 WK
  • 2-5 Bowlers
  1. Uncapped Quota– Squad must have at least one uncapped player.
  2. Foreign Players– No squad can have more than 4 foreign players in their squad at any point of time.
  3. Franchise Spread– Squad can-not have more than 6 players from a single franchise at any point of time.


Modes of Game


Tournament Mode-

It runs for entire IPL tournament. Points to each player are given on the basis of their performance. Team must be built of 11 players with 10M budget. Number of Substitution in the tournament are on the following basis-

  • Before the start of the tournament, infinite changes are possible.
  • From Match 1 to Match 56 i.e. till the league phase, 75 transfers are possible.
  • Between Match 56 and Qualifier 1, infinite transfers are allowed.
  • From Qualifier 1 to Final, 10 transfers are possible.

Daily Challenge

In this mode, team must be created for each particular match differently. No substitution shall be made after commencement of match.


Points Distribution

Batting Points

  1. Base Points: 1 point per run.
  2. Pace Bonus Points -A player must score a minimum of ten runs to be awarded the Strike Rate bonus
  • Strike Rate 1: 0-74.99 -15 points(15 point deduction).
  • Strike Rate:75-99.99 -10 points(10 point deduction).
  • Strike Rate: 100-149.99 – 5 points.
  • Strike Rate: 150-199.99 – 10 points
  • Strike Rate: 200+ – 15 points.
  1. Milestone Bonus: 10 points for scoring 25 runs; 10 points thereafter for each additional score of 25 runs.
  2. Impact Points :2 points for every six; -5 (5 point deduction) for getting out for a duck (Except Bowlers).

Bowling Points

  1. Base Points :20 points per wicket taken.
  • Economy Rate – 0-5.00: 15 points.
  • Economy Rate – 5.01-8.00: 10 points.
  • Economy Rate – 8.01-10.00: 5 points.
  • Economy Rate – 10.01-12.00: -10 points.
  • Economy Rate – 12.01+: -15 points.
  1. Milestone Points : 10 points for taking 2 wickets, 10 more points for a 3rd wicket and 10 more points for every wicket thereafter.
  2. Impact Points :1 point per dot ball bowled. 20 points for each maiden over bowled.

Fielding Points

  • 10 points for each catch resulting in a fall of wicket.
  • 15 points for each stumping resulting in a fall of wicket.
  • 10 points for a run-out (The run-out bonus points will only go to the fielder responsible for the throw, not the fielder who removes the bails).


Bonus Points

  • 25 points for being declared the official player of the match;
  • 5 points to each player in the winning IPL franchisee in case of a victory, in all matches other than in Qualifier 1, Eliminator, Qualifier 2 or Final of the IPL;
  • 10 points to each player in the winning IPL franchisee in case of a victory in Qualifier, 1, Eliminator, Qualifier 2 or Final of the IPL.
  • All points attributed to a virtual player, and thereby added to the accumulated points tally of a virtual squad, shall be doubled in case and while such player is declared by the user of that virtual squad as the ‘Power Player’ of such squad.
  • Super Over: In the event of a Super Over, Point will not be Awarded.



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