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Barcelona legend Puyol chooses this player as the world’s best defender

Barcelona legend Carlos Puyol had his say on the World’s best defender.

Upon being asked this question, Puyol said that there were many contenders for this with the likes of ex-teammate Gerard Pique, Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos and Paris Saint-Germain’s Thiago Silva who are all considered to be elite performers. But according to Puyol, the crown should be bestowed upon Gerard Pique as the best defender within the modern game.

Puyol won innumerous titles alongside Pique in Blaugrana colors, as well as World Cup and European Championship crowns with Spain, and the 31-year-old is considered to be the finest defender on the planet.

Barcelona v Espanyol - La Liga

“Right now, Pique is the best center-back in the world,” Puyol told.

“He’s a perfect age and physically he is in great shape. He’s always been very intelligent, but you notice it more now.

“The same with his leadership, which he’s always had but now he’s in complete control on the pitch, especially at the back. That’s a plus.

“His positioning has improved as well. He hardly ever loses his position and he knows how to read the game and to anticipate what’s going to happen. He never loses his head. He seems more responsible, too, something which comes with time and age.”

More maturity in Pique has also seen him in intelligent positioning these days, as he has been able to, at times, join the attack as well; his goal against Roma in the Champions League game, the perfect example of that.


“Now he picks his moments [to join in attacks] much better,” Puyol added.

“Maybe he will only go forward once in a game now but he has a gift, something intangible that very few players have. It’s called goal-scoring instinct and that allows him to be in the right place at the right time. It happened against Roma, he went forward once and he scored.”

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Author’s take:

Gerard Pique has been in phenomenal form this season, solid in the defense and has been one of the most crucial players for Barcelona.  He is not just a great player but also a great leader.

The author also believes that Sergio Ramos, Pique’s companion in the Spanish National Team, is also quite at par with Pique and is, for his team, one of the most important players. While Ramos has many goals in La Liga compared to Pique, the Blaugrana has overtaken him in the goal tally in the champions league. It is a quite great battle between the best two players and we should enjoy this competitive battle between the two.


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