Top 5 Brazilians Who Played For Barcelona

Barcelona's love for Brazilians is never lost as they have managed to have at least one Brazilian in their squad for the past decade. All of them made it big at Barcelona making Barcelona the major launchpad for most of the Brazilian legends. They command huge respect in the Barcelona squad and the same is... Continue Reading →


Things you can buy for 160M, Coutinho’s transfer fee

Phillipe Coutinho recently got transferred to his dream club, FC Barcelona after what was, at least to say, an exhaustingly long saga. But after many negotiations, Spanis =h giants were finally able to secure the Brazilian to play at Camp Nou and made him the second most expensive transfer EVER. With 160Million Euros in transfer... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Winter Signings Of All Time

 The winter transfer window opens on 1 January with most of the 20 clubs desperate to make signings that can shape their season. Every club will have the chance to buy, sell and loan players once again. Traditionally a difficult time to make big moves the best in the business still always find a way... Continue Reading →

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You Didn’t know these things about Neymar Jr’s Career

Neymar Jr. is deemed as the best player in the world after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and is certainly the superstar of the future. Neymar's life wasn't devoid of struggles and he had many hurdles on his way to become the footballer he is now. Let's take a look at the player's rising and... Continue Reading →

Can Manchester United’s Dreadful December Cause Problems for Jose Mourinho

What may have seemed to be an amazing start to the last month of 2017 with a thumping 3-1 victory at the Emirates, Manchester United have only gone downhill since, losing a potential title deciding Manchester Derby and then crashing out of EFL Cup & drawing 3 matches in the League in progression. Manchester United... Continue Reading →

2017: ODI Team of the Year

2017 was a great year in terms of run-scoring this year. With the new rules in effect in ODI's, the batsmen found it easier to score at a quicker rate and hit more boundaries. But bowlers also stood out as we saw many good spells as well. As the year ends, we take a look... Continue Reading →

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