Legend Maradona Talks About Messi And Ronaldo.

  Argentine football legend Maradona recently talked about the Messi- Ronaldo rivalry in an interview. According to him, his compatriot Lionel Messi does not outperform Cristiano Ronaldo. “Messi likes me more, but that does not mean he beats Cristiano Ronaldo,” the 1986 World Cup winner said in an interview with TEC Sport. Maradona compared the... Continue Reading →


Barca cruise past Espanyol in Catalan Derby

Barca continued their perfect start to 2017-18 Liga campaign by comfortably disposing of Espanyol by 5-0. Barca was once again carried by their talisman Lionel Messi who scored his first hat-trick of the season and took his overall tally in Catalan derbies to 18 goals. Messi opened the scoring in the 25th min when he... Continue Reading →

Is It The Right Time For Real To Bench Benzema?

  ' Sometimes You Have To Accept The Fact That Certain Things Change And They Don't Remain What They Used To Be.' Same can be said about Real's Number 9 Karim Benzema. If four years ago someone had asked about world's best striker, one of the first thought would have been Benzema, But things have... Continue Reading →

Ousmane Dembele: Neymar’s Successor?

                                                                                          “Shit just gets real when a mere speculation turns into a reality.” After being linked to so many clubs, the confirmation of 20 years old, Ousmane Dembele joining the Catalan giants created havoc in the footballing community. The France International joined FC Barcelona for a whopping 105 million euros + add-ons which made... Continue Reading →

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