USGP Q3 Reaction: What Verstappen said

Lewis Hamilton secured a pole at his favourite track of the calendar year with a record-breaking 1:33:108 nearly 2 tenths of a second ahead of his direct competitor, Sebastian Vettel. Valtteri Bottas secured third sitting just behind the front row in what looks like a track clearly favouring Mercedes. Daniel Ricciardo and Raikkonen made the top... Continue Reading →


RedBull Racing set to become the most successful team in the next few years?

Having tied down Max Verstappen to the RedBull outfit till 2020, Christian Horner, The Principal of RedBull Racing has expressed his desire to do the same with Daniel Ricciardo and has claimed the other party expects the same deal out of it. In an interview, Horner said, " I think it's great news for our... Continue Reading →

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